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The life blood of any organization is the volunteers.  They are the ones who give of themselves through countless hours of service, who give financially, or just join the team whenever they can to lend a helping hand. Their contribution is priceless and greatly appreciated.

Below you will find some of the wonderful volunteer's who gave of themselves to help our cause. Firefighters Aid for Ukraine wishes to thank them for their support!

A huge Thank You to:

Yuri Andrygoyjoyez

Amiel Aursen

Kyria Bacinski

Jerrett Belanger

Tim Berg

Denis Boutin

Yaroslav Broda

Clayton Brower

Ron Bucharsky

Leanna Buzak

Eva Chalmers

Cole Chapelsky

Dale Dallinger

Colin Davies

Orest Drupaka

Brent Findling

Ron Galaganx

Gene Guidaccio

Don Gyepesi

Victoria Hryniw

Stephen Jackson

Oleksiy Karpenko

Owen Lepps

Mila Luchak

Michael Luchuk

Olesia Luciw-Andryjowucz

Jeremy McKain

Natalie Ozipko

Chris Perka

Daria Podilsky

Christian Sebesten

Stuart Shaw

Matt Shelast

Clint Snidar

Ivanka Solestsky

Cari Sware

Theo Tamagi

Julia Wade

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