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Supporting First Responders, Hospitals, and the Defence of Ukraine

When combined with other donations, your funds will help procure medical supplies, food items, and rescue equipment purchased through our suppliers at wholesale prices that will be delivered directly where needed. We focus on sourcing only the items identified as critically needed by Ukrainian Officials.

  • $25 supplies an injured person with a round of antibiotics.

  • $50 provides the shipping cost associated with outfitting a firefighter with a structural firefighting helmet, turnout jacket/pants, boots, gloves and balaclava.

  • $150 purchases an IFAK level 2 medical kit* that could save the life of a soldier or civilian.

  • $500 provides the means to deliver multiple sets of extraction tools for building collapse rescue missions or hospital equipment.

  • $1500 purchases 2 level 3 ballistic vests to protect an aid worker, front line defender or first responder.

medical kit contains items such as a quick clotting powder pad, Gauze Pad, QuickClot Gauze Pad, Rolled Gauze, Trauma Shears, CPR Mask, Gen II R.A.T.S. Tourniquet, Burn Dressing, Pressure Bandage, Black Nitrile Gloves, Alcohol Swabs, Iodine Wipes, Black Self-Adherent Gauze Roll, Chest Seal, Nasal Airway, Z-Folded Compressed Gauze.


The list above provides examples of the aid our organization provides, and the values associated
with them are representative of the costs associated with procurement and/or delivery.

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